Getting the most from Starting Out

Do you work in Early Years?  Could Starting Out be useful in your organisation?

We understand the demands on Early Years Practitioners and so Starting Out has been designed to make it easy to use.  We’ve thought of all the little details, so you don’t have to. Why not contact us about booking some relevant training.

Starting Out training offers great value for money as participants gain skills and knowledge that will support delivery of the Starting Out programme. The day adopts a number of learning techniques that will help Practitioners to have an increased knowledge and understanding of essential child development, with an emphasis on the brain.

As the day goes on, participants will have an opportunity to share best practice ideas for working alongside parents in raising awareness of the impact of the home learning opportunities.

To find out more about using Starting Out in your organisation or to arrange training or purchasing the Starting Out materials, get in touch.


Delegates attending Starting Out training get access to exclusive Facilitator membership on this website, allowing them access to many free downloadable resources.

The local authority has recently developed its own programme to help children be ready to start school. This has worked very well and the positive results are already beginning to be seen ... significant improvements are already being seen in children’s learning at the end of Reception year and, as a result, the gap between the most disadvantaged children and the rest is starting to close.

Ofsted Inspector
Ofsted inspection of Poole Children’s Centres (July 2014)