What are people saying about Starting Out?

We’ve had feedback from many parents and practitioners who have used Starting Out in all its component guises.  Below are just some of the exciting comments we have received.  If you have a story, feedback or words of encouragement about Starting Out, please get in touch.

Where appropriate, some of the names have been removed by parent preference or where permission was not available.

'We put the blindfolds on and mummy directed us to the jewels by telling us where to go - for example, 5 steps forward, turn right. We used the treasure map to find the jewels, my bed was the lake! Then, we played hot and cold to find the jewels. Mummy said hot when we were close and cold when we were far away! I really like this activity bag.'

Child, using ‘Treasure hunters’ Activity Sack

'X really enjoyed making the ‘listening ears' for her and her younger brother. They both listened very carefully to identify lots of different sounds.'

Parent, using ‘Sound walk’ Activity Sack

'X really like sharing the book and choosing all the things. She decided we would live in the pink castle (no surprise there!) and the family would go to the canal boat for holidays! We had fun moving all the things to put in your house, and all the animals. Brilliant book and X enjoyed sharing it.'

Parent, using ‘Sharing stories’ Activity Sack

I think the approach taken by Poole Borough Council to promote positive home learning environments through its Children’s Centres and primary schools is very admirable. It shows what can be achieved when Early Years and local schools work together to create an environment that enables smooth transition for children from pre-school, ready to learn when they start school.

Ike Okonta, Policy Lead – Early Home Learning Environment
Department for Education

'Starting Out (1:1 Home Visits) ... has enabled us to spend quality time with parents to demonstrate and explore in a non-threatening way what they can best do to support their child’s healthy development and growing brain. It has provided a clear structure and ensured the focus stays on the outcomes of the child. It has also enabled evidence to be collated to demonstrate areas of success which have been shared with families and provided a real boost for parents’ self esteem.'

Family Outreach Worker, Borough of Poole

'Me and my friend played catch with the bean bag, then we pretended to cook tea with the saucepan and spoon. The post-box tin my mummy put some rice in it and we used it like a rattle for my baby. I rolled the wicker ball to X and then we played parties. We used the box as a birthday present, then mummy read the little story book to me and X. Me and my brother pretended we had a dog called Ben and took Ben for a walk, then played catch with the wooden hedgehog. Then we took the dog home and bathed Ben with the sponge and scrubbing brush. Thank you very much for letting me and my brother play with the let's explore kit, we had so much fun.'

Child, using ‘Let’s explore’ Activity Sack

'When I look in the mirror, I pull funny faces. I poke my tongue out and open my eyes wide. I do a happy face; I smile and show my teeth. I pull a grumpy face, I think it’s funny. I brush my hair in the mirror and it’s so pretty. I turn it around and around, it’s like daddy’s wheel on his car. I scrunch my face in the mirror. I look through the little holes. I roll it along the floor and when it falls, it makes a loud noise.'

Child, using ‘Chatter natter’ Activity Sack